Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Where are the Rocks?

Yesterday, I went to a funeral at our old church downtown. A good friend came in and sat down beside me and we were talking about all the memories we had there. The crow's nest on Sunday morning and the back row on Sunday nights. Having choir, training union, church and then fellowships. What fun times we had, I could see 100 youth up front doing Good News, we really rocked that church with that. First time drums and guitars had been in the sanctuary. I thought about all the adults that had shaped our lives into who we are today. They were the rocks of that church and held it together. I thought who are the rocks today, it scares me of where our church is going. Do we have any rocks, is my age group suppose to be the rocks. We are not our parents. So many of us have gone through divorce and our kids didn't have those rocks growing up. Our parents always knew where we were and who we were with. We wouldn't dare get out of line, because we not only faced our parents but we faced the parents of who we were with. So many of my friends have lost both parents now and I'm sure it won't be long till some more of us are added to the list. Back then there were only a few organizations in the church now there are about a dozen to choose from. No one is on the same page you just pick which one you think is best for you. I have a hard time understanding why parents let their children pick and choose what they want to do when it comes to church. We didn't have a choice if the door was open we were there. I'm just as guilty as the next parent, I didn't force Jamie to be there and look where he is today... I made mistakes and wasn't that rock that he needed. I just pray that parents today will make decisions for their children and stand up and be the rocks that we had in our lives growing up. I want the children of today to walk back in our sanctuary in 40 years and have a flood of memories of all the wonderful things they experienced there where they knew Jesus lived in each life.


  1. Amen and amen. Well put. Sunday brought back a flood of memories of the "good ole days" at church - no matter what church we grew up in.

  2. I could picture everything you were describing at "downtown" FBC! I told my sister yesterday when we were talking about the funeral that they were certainly having a reunion in heaven with all those saints from FBC. How indebted I am to all those precious people.
    I went back and read all your blogs. You are a good writer. I loved catching up with your life. Your faith and sense of humor are definitely what is keeping you going!

  3. Hi i’m Heather! I have a question for you! Please email me :)